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Headspace for Sport


To showcase just how important "training the mind" is in training the body, we interviewed 3 Team Great Britain Olympic athletes on their experience with Headspace. Since Headspace Founder, Andy Puddicombe taught each of the athletes to meditate, he takes a turn as the student and each of the athletes teach them how to play their sport: rugby, fencing and field hockey. 


Created by Mallory Norton; Written by James Cooper, Ash Jones and Mallory Norton; Edited by Jesse Fox


Headspace x Movember

"The No BS Barbershop"

For men, the barber chair can often be like the therapist's couch. So we took over the Movember barbershop for the month of November to get men talking about their physical and mental health. We called on celebrity barber, Jason Schneidman to give the guys a great cut and a good conversation.

This 3-part series also had multiple social cutdowns and extra-cuts!

Created by Ash Jones; Produced by Mallory Norton; Edited by Jesse Fox and Sean Brown

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